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Bob Fleming is a visual artist. His practice includes painting, printmaking and other media (including film). He worked as a lawyer for a number of years, while maintaining an art practice, and is a co-founder of Mirabo Press, a printmaking studio and edition facility in Buffalo, New York. 

The imaginative possibilities of responding to the world are vast.  No two people - let alone artists - are affected in the same way.   My work, which has tended toward the representational and figurative, is a reaction to living in an era that always seems to de-prioritize our shared humanity.  The images come from observing and absorbing material  elements in both my small, personal universe and in the wider world, including, consciously or not, the omnipresent media. There is no intentionally specific or direct meaning to my work; nonetheless, in the relationship of the art work to the viewer/viewing field,  it is anticipated, or at least hoped, that a viewer may confront the question of what kind of world she lives in and makes. 


Some of the themes I am currently interested in are the sense that people are off balance (off kilter) in their lives; the difficulty of meaningful and sustained personal interconnections; the human disruptions caused by  economic and other crises; and the cost of violence and the myth of the “good war.”   

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